Job: Academic opening in Cyprus in Interactive Multimedia


Applications are invited from candidates who possess the necessary qualifications in order to fill the following academic position at the Cyprus University of Technology.


One (1) position at the rank of Professor or Associate Professor or Assistant Professor or Lecturer in the specialization of:

Interactive Multimedia

Applicants for all academic positions should have a doctorate degree from a recognized University and good knowledge of the Greek language.

The university reserves the right to request recognition of the doctorate degree from the Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (K.Y.S.A.T.S). The minimum qualifications that are required for each academic position, including publications and academic experience, are detailed on the University’s webpage: These qualifications are based on the candidate’s years of academic experience, his/her research and scientific contribution, as well as his/her experience in the organization of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The languages of instruction at the University are Greek and/or Turkish. Citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is not a requirement.

The annual gross salary for each position (including the 13th salary) is:

Rank Scale Salary EUR
Professor (Scale Α15 – Α16) €67.669 – €87.960
Associate Professor (Scale Α14 – Α15) €59.680 – €81.365
Assistant Professor (Scale Α13 – Α14) €55.688 – €75.106
Lecturer (Scale Α12 – Α13) €47.030 – €68.878

The Governing Board of the Cyprus University of Technology may approve the payment of an additional allowance, up to the amount of €11.960 per annum for those elected to the rank of Professor, and up to €6.834 per annum for those elected to the rank of Associate Professor. It is expected that the successful candidate will be available by 1 January 2011, unless otherwise agreed.

The applicants must submit both of the following:

(ι) Hard Copy

1. A letter in which candidates should state the Department, the rank, the specialization in which they are interested in, as well as the date on which they can undertake responsibilities in case they are elected (2 copies)

2. Curriculum vitae – in English and in Greek Language (2 copies)

3. A short review of their research interests as well as a brief description of their future research plans – in English and in Greek language (up to 1500 words – 2 copies)

4. List of publications (2 copies)

5. Reprints of their three most representative publications (2 copies)

6. Copies of the candidate’s degree certificates (2 copies)

7. Contact Details (2 copies)

(ii) In a CD ROM Disc (CD-R or DVD) as separate PDF (PORTABLE DOCUMENT FILES – saved in Latin characters, must not include symbols and the title of the files should not be long) files for each of the above items (1-7) submitted in hard copy.

In addition, candidates should request confidential letters of reference in English from at least three senior academic referees, which must be sent by the referees themselves directly to the Cyprus University of Technology, Human Resource Office. The reference letters must be received until the deadline of the applications. The names and addresses of the referees should be submitted together with the application, because the University may also request additional confidential information. The University may also request reference letters from independent referees of the choice of members of the Electoral Board, if considered necessary.

Applications, documents as well as reference letters that were submitted for previous announcements will not be taken into consideration and must be resubmitted.

Applications must be submitted in a closed envelope with a clear reference to the specialization of the position, at the premises of the Cyprus University of Technology, Human Resource Department, Limassol Savings Co-operative Bank Building, 4th Floor, Arch. Kyprianos 31, 3036 Limassol or must be sent via registered post (P.O. Box 50329, CY-3603 Limassol) with a clearly visible post office stamp of a date not later than Friday, 14 May 2010, 2:00 p.m. which is the deadline for the submission of the applications. For further information you may visit the University’s website at